Activate iPhone 6 without SIM Card 100% Guarantee

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Smartphone became more and more popular these days. There are so many new brand names of Smartphone that you can find on the market these days. However, some old brand names still become great choice for people who want to buy new Smartphone. One of the most popular brand names of Smartphone in the world these days is iPhone. This Smartphone is manufactured by Apple and it’s available in various choices of version. One of them is iPhone 6 that came with many great features. When you buy a new iPhone, you need to activate it first before you can use it. If you want to know about how to activate iPhone 6 without sim card, this article will give you the details that you need.

Basically, iPhone is the type of Smartphone that came with fixed carrier. It means that when you buy iPhone, the phone already has its own carrier and can be used on network that is already specified. This is great since you don’t need to buy new carrier. However, if you live outside US, you might need to use other carrier on your iPhone since the default carrier will not work outside the US. The problem is that you can’t just put new carrier on locked iPhone. You need to unlock the phone first before you can put new carrier on your iPhone. Further problem is that not everyone knows how to unlock their iPhone.

If you want to activate your iPhone, you need to use SIM card that is valid for the iPhone. It means that you can’t just use any SIM card to activate your iPhone. This is the main issue in activating iPhone. The SIM card that is valid for your iPhone might not have network in the place where you live. This is the main reason why you need to find the best solution to unlock your phone without using SIM card. Basically, these days there are several options that you can choose to unlock your iPhone. Some of these solutions are quite easy to perform and no jailbreak needed to unlock your iPhone.

Activate iPhone 6 without SIM Card 100% Guarantee
Activate iPhone 6 without SIM Card 100% Guarantee


The first way to activate iPhone 6 without sim card is by performing manual activation. When you buy new iPhone and you turn the phone for the first time, the phone will automatically detect whether there is SIM card or not on the phone. If you don’t put any SIM card on the phone, you will not be able to use your iPhone. There is a trick that you can do so that you can still activate your iPhone without using any SIM card. This trick will allow you to bypass your iPhone so that you can access the home screen and use the iPhone as media device or internet navigator.

To activate your iPhone without using any SIM card, the first thing that you should do us turning on your iPhone. You can do this by pressing the power button on your iPhone until the screen is turned on. After the phone is booted up, the screen will display notification that said there is no SIM card installed on your phone. When this notification appears, you need to tap the home button of your iPhone until the option to make emergency call appears on the screen. After that, you need to dial number. You can dial random number such as 112 or other service numbers. After the call is made, hang up your phone immediately by pressing the red button on the screen of your iPhone. If you do this trick properly, your iPhone will be unlocked automatically and the home screen will appear. However, this trick might not supports all phone models, especially on the latest versions of iPhone.

Other great way to activate iPhone 6 without sim card is by using R-SIM. R-SIM is a product that is released by Apple specifically to unlock your iPhone. With R-SIM, you will be able to activate your iPhone without using any SIM card. If you want to activate your iPhone using R-SIM, the first thing that you should do is buying the R-SIM. After that, you can insert the R-SIM and your SIM card together into the SIM tray on your iPhone. The next step is selecting the carrier that is available on the list. If you can’t find the carrier on the list, you can enter the IMSI code as option. Once you select the carrier or enter the IMSI code, you will be asked to confirm your action. After you confirmed your choice, you can restart your iPhone. Once the iPhone is on, your phone will automatically search for service and complete the activation process. This procedure is considered as no. 1 activate procedure for iPhone since it works on most cases and will not cause further issues.

Activate iPhone 6 without SIM Card
Activate iPhone 6 without SIM Card

You also can activate your iPhone using iTunes as well. iTunes is application that is designed specifically for iPhone. This application is great since it offers lifetime support for iPhone users. Basically, iTunes is an application that is designed to play music on your Apple devices. However, you also can use this application to activate your iPhone without using any SIM card. To activate your iPhone using iTunes, the first thing that you should do is downloading the application. The download process can be performed any time you want since Apple provides 24/7 support for all products, including iTunes. Make sure you choose the latest version of this application to get the best result. After you downloaded the iTunes, you need to connect your iPhone to PC using lightning cable that came with your iPhone. Once your phone is detected the iTunes, the software will display instruction on your PC. Follow these instructions and you will be able to activate your iPhone without using any SIM card.

As you can see, unlocking and activating your iPhone is not as difficult as you might think. These days you might also find many choices of third party software that can be used to activate iPhone 6 without sim card. However, using these applications is not recommended since some third party applications might cause error or damage the system of your phone if they’re not used properly.

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