Activate Your IPhone Without SIM Card And Without Connecting To ITunes With These Easy Tricks

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iPhone is the best device that can be used today. Do not ever doubt the security system offered by this phone. Apple continues to produce the latest mobile phones with lots of advantages and features that are more sophisticated than previous products, but the new phones still cause activation problems. You cannot activate the phone without a sim card. Now you do not need to worry because there are ways to activate your iphone without sim card and without connecting to iTunes. Usually people use iTunes to activate the phone, but sometimes in emergencies you cannot connect the phone to the computer. iTunes requires a computer to be able to run well. Your phone will also need a USB data cable to connect to a computer. iPhone is built to be a mobile phone so that the phone cannot be activated without having sim card. You can follow this tutorial to activate your phone.

If you have a new iphone, then you must activate the phone. If you activate the iPhone without using a sim card, then you will be stuck in the activation screen. This trick is used to bypass the activation screen. You can use the iPhone for other purposes i.e. media device or surfing the internet. This trick may not apply to all the latest iPhone as a new device actually requires a sim card to be activated. If you have an old model of iphone, then you can use this trick. This trick does not require the application to iTunes so you can use the trick below when a state of emergency.

Activate Your iPhone Without SIM Card and Without Connecting To iTunes with These Easy Tricks
Activate Your iPhone Without SIM Card and Without Connecting To iTunes with These Easy Tricks
Activate Your iPhone Without SIM Card and Without Connecting To iTunes
Activate Your iPhone Without SIM Card and Without Connecting To iTunes

Simple Tricks to Enable iPhone

The first step you should do is turn on the iPhone by pressing the power button until the screen of the iPhone is on. If you have gone through the process of booting the iPhone, then you will be stuck on the activation screen that says no sim card installed. The second step can be done once you get into the activation screen. Click the home button when the phone is on. The screen will not directly lead you to the home page, but you will be given the option to make an emergency call. Press the emergency number such as 112. If you have made the call, then you must immediately press the red button to close the call. You can use the power button. The right tricks will bring you to the home screen and does not make you see a white screen.

X-SIM or R-SIM to Enable iPhone

You can also use the X-SIM or R-SIM card to activate the phone without having to use the original sim card operator. You can follow the procedure below to activate the phone using the X-SIM or R-SIM card. You just insert the sim card into your phone and choose a provider that has been determined. You can also include the IMSI code to your phone. Do not forget to confirm and restart the device. If you’ve done this way, the iphone will be looking for service and the activation process has been completed. Either way, it is very easy and does not need to use any other device or computer. You do not need to use custom USB cable to do it this way.

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