How to Activate a New iPhone with a Current Verizon Phone Number

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How to activate a new iPhone with your current Verizon number must be an important information you need if you don’t want to have new phone number to the new phone. The wireless provider offers a choice for the customers to do Verizon phone number transfer to the new iPhone. Changing phone number isn’t something favorable for many people, especially those who use the phone number for business. That is why you should be able to transfer the old phone number to your new phone. You can do it in simple steps of activation. Besides, you also can transfer the Verizon number to the AT&T when you need to alternate the phone service.

Verizon Number Transfer to iPhone

  • First, call the customer service of Verizon through the number;(877) 807-4646 to start the process of transfer. Whilst calling the customer service, turn off your iPhone and the Verizon number. Otherwise, you can go to the store of Verizon Wireless to get some help.
  • The telephone prompts will guide you to transfer the old Verizon number to be activated in the new iPhone.
  • Give the information asked by the customer service when you do the call.

Transfer the Verizon Number to AT&T

If your previous phone used Verizon number but the new iPhone is with AT&T, it means that you should transfer the Verizon number to AT&T. Follow the steps below about How to activate a new iPhone by transferring Verizon number to AT&T.

  • Visit the AT&T website and then select Transfer Your Number.
  • Visit the Wireless Store of AT&T and then purchase the plan of the number usage by using your new iPhone. Besides, you also can call the customer service of AT&T to complete the number transfer. In some cases and depending on your number, you may need to visit the store first.
  • Give the old account of Verizon number if the prompt asked. Besides, you also may need to give the phone number and the billing address in the new number account activation. The information will be also needed when you visit the AT&T store.


How to Activate a New iPhone with a Current Verizon Phone Number
How to Activate a New iPhone with a Current Verizon Phone Number
How to Activate a New iPhone
How to Activate a New iPhone

The AT&T or Verizon Wireless Number Activation

  • Activate the wireless network of your newly transferred iPhone. Follow the steps of activation informed by the prompt to start the iPhone setup.
  • Submit the Social Security number as well as the Billing Zip Code, then select Continue.
  • Choose to disable or enable the location services. It is functional for Maps so your location will be known to check your place.
  • Select the options of the menu; New Device setup, restore from iCloud, or restore from iTunes. Then select Continue.
  • Submit the Apple ID of yours and then Continue. Update the contact details and then click Submit. Wait until your phone finish rebooting and then click Next.
  • Sign in again by using your Apple ID and then check agree to the term of Service
  • Choose the options of backup; by using the iCloud, if you like. Check the Find My iPhone so you can know the phone location when you lose it. It will show you the iPhone location through the map provided that the internet connection is active.
  • Follow the next steps and then choose Start Using iPhone. If you can’t restore the backup from iCloud, you can restore from iTunes by firstly connect the phone to computer. Then How to activate a new iPhone is done.
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