How to Activate AT&T iPhone 5

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How to activate AT&T iPhone 5 must be the information you need when you should activate the phone by yourself because the store didn’t activate it for you. This activation will be also needed if you buy the new iPhone 5 online. Purchasing online will make the iPhone sent in the complete packaging. In this way, the phone is still sealed inside the box and has not be activated yet. If you need to activate the phone by yourself, it is easy to do and doesn’t need much time for the activation process. You need to know the right steps for the activation so you can do it well without facing any problems. Some ways below will guide you about the AT&T iPhone activation.

New iPhone 5 Activation via iTunes

First, you should charge the iPhone if the phone cannot be turn on. Plug the phone into a computer so that you can turn it on. Then you can connect to iTunes to follow the instructions for activation process. You will only need two minutes to do the steps of How to activate AT&T iPhone.

Online iPhone Activation

To do the online activation, you should access the wireless website of AT&T. Select the best one for you from the list. Next, submit your wireless number, verification number and also the verification method. Continue by clicking next and then follow the instructions on the screen.

Access Settings, click General, and then about on the iPhone. Find to know your IMEI number inside the list. Ensure that the number is same with the number shown in the website. Furthermore, activate the iPhone by waiting for about 5 minutes. Restart the iPhone and then it will be active. If the activation process gets some trouble, you can call the AT&T customer service at 1.800.331.0500 to get some help.


How to Activate AT&T iPhone 5
How to Activate AT&T iPhone 5
How to Activate AT&T iPhone
How to Activate AT&T iPhone

Phone Activation by Transferring the Number from another Provider

First, you have to prepare all materials needed, including the phone number that will be activated, the social security number of the account holder, or the tax ID number. Besides, you also need to prepare the shipping ZIP code or the billing of the account holder. Call the activation number of AT&T at 866.895.1099. Whilst calling the number, follow the instructions of How to activate AT&T iPhone from the customer service and then you should accept the Wireless Customer Agreement given.

The Upgraded iPhone’s New Number Activation

To activate the new number of the upgraded iPhone, you should call 800.331.0500 first by using any phone. Besides, you can dial at 611 through your AT&T wireless phone. Next, submit the wireless number that formerly got the upgrade if it is prompted. If you want to activate the device with different number, you can choose option #2. Wait until you can be redirected to the representative. You will get some specific instructions based on the situation that let you do the number transfer. So, you can do the phone activation well through the instructions of How to activate AT&T iPhone.

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