How To Activate IPhone 4S IOS 6 Without SIM Card In Easies Way

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When you want to use your iPhone, you need to insert SIM Card, so you can use it. The SIM Card will be used to activate your iPhone. However, there is a way that you can use to activate your iPhone without using SIM Card. Even though you can get the latest iPhone today with the latest iOS installed inside, but still, most of people see iPhone 4S is one of the best and most comfortable iPhone that ever created. And, that’s true. Unfortunately, there are many problems that you have; one of them is like mentioned before. Here are simple methods how to activate iphone 4s ios 6 without sim card.

The Preparation

First, you need to prepare few things before you can activate your iPhone4S. There are several applications that you need to download and install, so, you can use this method to activate your iPhone. Here are the applications you need to get.

  • Redsn0w 0.9.13b3, you can choose it according to the OS that you use, Windows or Mac.
  • iExplorer or other browser, once again matches it with your OS.
  • Right firmware for your iPhone.

After you get all of those application and preparation, you can start to activate your iPhone without using SIM Card.

How to Activate iPhone 4S iOS 6 without SIM Card in Easies Way
How to Activate iPhone 4S iOS 6 without SIM Card in Easies Way
How to Activate iPhone 4S iOS 6 without SIM Card
How to Activate iPhone 4S iOS 6 without SIM Card

The Method to Activate iPhone

It’s actually quite easy. Here are few steps you need to do to start the process. But first, connect your iPhone to the device that you use :

  1. Run Redsn0w, choose Extras menu and pick IPSW.
  2. Choose the Firmware. If you use correct Firmware, it will detected, but if it’s not, you won’t find it and you need to re-download it.
  3. After that, make sure “install SSH” is checked, then click jailbreak and wait for few seconds.
  4. Activate DFU mode.
  5. Press Next on Redsn0w app and hold Power button for 3 seconds.
  6. Keep pressing Power button together with Home button for 10 seconds. You need to do this until you see text jail breaking on redsn0w.
  7. The device will reboot. After that, open iExplorer.
  8. Open root folder, select the applications option.
  9. Find the and delete it.
  10. Reboot your device once more and it’s done. Your iPhone has been activated.

If you follow the steps correctly, you won’t find any activation screen anymore, when you turn on your iPhone. Plus, you also don’t need SIM card for your iPhone. This methods work on iPhone 4S that use iOS 6. So, if you use other devices with other OS, it would be better, if you don’t use this method to activate your iPhone. In worst case, this method can make your iPhone OS corrupted and in the end, you can’t use your iPhone anymore. Of course, if you want to get everything working correctly, it would be better, if you use the right method, which is using your SIM Card. So, what listed and explained above are only for your last resort, if you need to activate it in specific time and moment.

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