How to activate iPhone 6 Plus without SIM card and Wi-Fi Connection

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Recently smartphones become popular in society, and iPhone 6 plus is one of well-known smartphones out there. It has everything that is needed by customer from high-tech feature to high security. What makes iPhone is different with other smartphone is that you couldn’t activate it without using SIM card. Your iPhone would just be idle on the activation screen. If you want to run the apps or using other features, you should find a way how to activate iPhone 6 plus without SIM card.

There are several methods that commonly used to activate iPhone 6 plus. However, these methods only work on the unlocked iPhone, and we cannot give you a clear guarantee that these methods would work on your iPhone. Sorry to say, but the risks are on your own if you like to try these methods. Here they are:

Use iTunes

Using iTunes by far is the easiest method since it requires you to follow the instruction. If you have access to computer, we recommend you to practice this method than the others.

  • Install iTunes software into your PC. Make sure you got the executable installer from Apple official website, and ensure the version you used is the iTunes latest version because we want to avoid conflicts between iOS and your computer OS.
  • Connect your iPhone with your computer using data cable. We recommend you to use an authorized USB data cable.
  • Run the program to detect your phone. On your computer’s screen, you will see pop-up messages that instruct you what to do and what to fill for activating your iPhone.
  • This method might requires you to fill the last 4 digits of your social security number, your phone number and ZIP code. It means for some carriers that don’t belong in particular areas, this method might not work properly.
How to activate iPhone 6 Plus without SIM card and Wi-Fi Connection
How to activate iPhone 6 Plus without SIM card and Wi-Fi Connection
How to activate iPhone 6 Plus without SIM card
How to activate iPhone 6 Plus without SIM card


Use Emergency call feature

We don’t recommend this method highly. In fact, we urge you to try other methods first before you use this one because it is not right to call emergency number just for the purpose of activating your iPhone. Anyway, this method still can be the alternative option for iPhone activation.

  • Switch on your iPhone until you see the “no SIM card installed” on the screen.
  • Tap the Home button so the Emergency call feature appears on the screen.
  • Dial a number such as 112 and make a call
  • Immediately hold down the Power button
  • Pop-up message will appear on the screen. Tap on cancel button.
  • Now you phone is activated.

Jailbreaking iPhone

Jailbreak is a short way to unlock the phone, so you can have access to run the unauthorized apps and activate the phone. However, it is a risky process where it can lead to problems on your phone such as shortened battery life, instability, inability to update the software, and vulnerabilities in security system. Note for you: once you do the jailbreak, you lose your rights to getting help from Apple if something happened on your iPhone. Make sure you think twice before you apply these methods how to activate iPhone 6 plus without SIM card.

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