How to Activate IPhone 6 without SIM: No Jailbreak Needed

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IPhone 6 has been admired by many of happy million users world-wide. It’s been sold out since the first release and it seems people can’t get enough. The design is elegant, beautiful and not to mention, it’s easy to use. There are thousand interesting oodles and apps for users to choose in the App Store.

But despite IPhone users are happy about IPhone 6, they actually want more. Apple has applied restrictions to all users meanwhile they want to break free from all restrictions. The restriction is including default apps from iOS that can’t be customized by third-party developers, individual programmers and even iPhone users themselves. It makes many people unhappy about it. And that’s jailbreakers show up. Between jailbreakers and Apple have been playing a cat and mouse game since 2007 when iPhone was launched.

It’s not pretty much it. Jailbreakers aren’t only frustrated about that kind of restriction but also users can’t even do simple things in their iPhone 6. They can’t change their iPhone 6’s default feel and look, install apps outside the iOS App Store and take control of downloads on the internet. If you’re fool yet brave enough, you can underpin of OS X. You can do that by rummaging around in the library or Terminal since there is no legitimate in iOS exists for the users. SO, it will allow you do anything what Apple allow you do unless you jailbreak your iPhone 6.

In today’s article you will find out about little bit information about jailbreaking. In the end of the day you will do something outside the Apple rule which is how to activate iPhone 6 without SIM.

How to Activate IPhone 6
How to Activate IPhone 6

What does jailbreaking mean?

So, after you find out that actually jailbreakers are the unhappy iPhone users because of many Apple restrictions, now you will know what jailbreaking is. Jailbreaking is an action to change iPhone (including all iPhone types) and iPad software so the limitations and restrictions set by Apple can be removed. The basic restriction from Apple is that you can’t download any software and apps outside the App Store. But, by jailbreaking your phone you can install any apps and software not only from the App Store but also from any sources. You can also use files manually that has downloaded from the internet.

But you must realize that unlocking iPhone is completely different from jailbreaking. IPhones with all any mobile phones mostly bind a contract with particular network. So, for example if you buy an iPhone 6 from O2, you have to use a SIM card from O2 as well since it is factory carrier activate. It means your iPhone 6 you just bought is ‘locked’ to certain network like that. When you unlocking your iPhone 6, the phone is not only working with particular network like O2 but also working with any networks.

Why you have to jailbreak your iPhone 6?

In here, there are 5 reasons why you have to jailbreak your iPhone 6 in order to have the freedom towards your own mobile phone. This jailbreaking is 100% safe. They are including:

You are able to download apps you want from any sources! You can download any apps outside the App Store with 100% guarantee

  • You are able to do whatever you want since it’s your own mobile phone
  • You are able to customize the feel and the look of your phone that you think suit your personality. No more stuck with limited choices offered by Apple
  • You are able to do tethering from your iPhone to Mac or vice versa and bypass the network you chose of Mobile Hotspot feature which is mostly expensive and restricted. This can be a  permanent activate for all networks
  • You are able to use other alternatives of default apps that are more functional

Nowadays, there are many ways to do jailbreak. The easiest way to do that is by installing a jailbreaking app that is available for Mac and PC. Pangu is one of jailbreaking apps. But make sure before you do it, you should back up your data from your iPhone just in case there is something wrong happens.


How to Activate IPhone 6 without SIM No Jailbreak
How to Activate IPhone 6 without SIM No Jailbreak

How to activate iPhone 6 without SIM card?

After you learn about the jailbreaking and restriction from Apple, now you will learn another frustrating restriction. Apple will not allow you to use your iPhone 6 without SIM card that is inserted in it. If there is no SIM card, then of course you are not able to work with your phone or run any apps. This is quite annoying for iPhone users since there are other devices that allow the users to use the mobile phone even without SIM card in it. This tutorial will help you how to activate iPhone 6 without SIM card with no jailbreak needed. This method also supports all phone models.

First method of no 1 activate

If you don’t activate your iPhone, you can only access the feature of Emergency call. But with this feature, you can take advantage from it to activate your iPhone 6. Below you can see simple step-by-step activate instructions how to activate your iPhone 6 using Emergency call feature even without any SIM card in it.

  • Turn on your iPhone 6
  • Click the Home button on the screen
  • Tap Emergency call feature
  • Dial 112 to make a call
  • Then press the power button on your iPhone 6 immediately
  • After that, there will be some pop-up but click cancel on it and then you should end the call
  • After all those steps complete, you will go to your iPhone 6 home screen
How to Activate IPhone 6 without SIM No Jailbreak Needed
How to Activate IPhone 6 without SIM No Jailbreak Needed

Second method

The second method to activate your iPhone 6 without SIM card in it is by using iTunes applications. Below you can see fast and simple steps how to permanently activate your iPhone 6 using iTunes app even without any SIM card in it.

  • Install iTunes from PC or Apple with the latest version
  • Grab your compatible USB data cable
  • Connect your non-activated iPhone using USB cable data to PC
  • Open and run iTunes from PC
  • Follow the instruction that will show up on the screen so you are able to activate your iPhone
  • Now, you can use it without SIM card in it

You can watch the tutorial of how to activate iPhone 6 without SIM with lifetime support or 24/7 support to get the complete guidance. You can read more articles to find out more about the latest tips and tricks of iPhone 6. Good luck!

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