How to Activate iPhone Verizon for the New iPhones

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How to activate iPhone Verizon must be a needed information for you right now. If you buy the iPhone online, then you must activate the phone by yourself. For the user of Verizon number, you need to do some certain steps to activate the number to your new iPhone. Actually, the Verizon number activation is easy to do in some simple steps. And you only need some minutes for the activation process. Follow some steps below about how to activate your Verizon number to the new iPhone.

Make Contacts Backup from the Old Phone

If the Verizon number has been used for some time in your old iPhone, then you have to make the contacts backup. You can use iTunes to backup the contact before the phone with Verizon service activation. In this way, you can transfer the contacts once the new iPhone has been activated.

  • Connect the old iPhone to a computer and then open the iTunes. The iTunes should be in the up to date version.
  • By using the iTunes, you can sync the contacts to the computer or iCloud. After the backing up is done, turn your iPhone off.
  • If the old phone is not iPhone, you should make the backup based on the instructions in the phone.

Turn the 4G LTE On

For those who have been the users of Verizon, this step is special for you. Call the customer service of Verizon at (877) 807-4646 if the old phone isn’t iPhone. Be sure you have service receipt because you have to give the reps of the customer service with the information.


How to Activate iPhone Verizon for the New iPhones
How to Activate iPhone Verizon for the New iPhones
How to Activate iPhone Verizon
How to Activate iPhone Verizon

Activate the iPhone

Turn the iPhone on because the phone have to prompt you automatically to start the process of How to activate iPhone Verizon. Select the Use Cellular Connection if your phone has the signal to activate your iPhone.

  • If the signal is not available, connect the iPhone to a computer and then you can activate the iPhone by using the iTunes. Activate it by tap the Connect to iTunes. Besides, you also can activate your phone by using the WiFi connection.
  • To enable the phone activation, you should read the software license and then agree the term and condition.
  • It needs about three minutes of time to activate your phone. During the activation time, your phone will not be able to receive or make calls and texts.
  • For those who use older versions of iPhones, the activation can be done by connecting to the iTunes.

Finish the Process of Setting Up

Once you have done with the phone activation, then you will get the guidance to finish the setup process of the iPhone. The process is including the signing or creating the iCloud account so that you can restore the backed up contacts. Next, you also need to setup the voicemail. Do it by tapping the Phone app on your iPhone and then tap Voicemail. In this step, you will get the guidance to configure the Voicemail. Now you have done about How to activate iPhone Verizon.

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