How to Activate My IPhone 6 without SIM Card with Easy Methods

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Not a few people is able to organize and set their smartphone by themselves, especially when they meet a problem or even things that they do not like. For instance, to activate IPhone 6 that do not have a SIM Card in their SIM slot. As result, it becomes one of the biggest problems that are mostly happened in all of the IPhone users. So, in order to help you, we are trying to help you by providing with some best information and even ways that can be your suggestion for you in dealing with the problem. Particularly, when these information can be followed easily and can be applied for all IPhones’ types. Therefore, here they are! Just read by yourself.

Utilize the Feature of IPhone that is provided, iTunes

iTunes is known as one of many features that the IPhone users are able to use, especially when it is related to some ways to turn on the IPhone 6 without SIM card. You can download it from the right Apple’s website from your PC. For your information, it will be good for you to download the latest version. The reason because the versions of iTunes is can be ended with problems that occur among the computer’s Operating System and the phone’s Operating System. Furthermore, you have to complete it with USB that is compatible with your iPhone, especially the one that is suit for your types. Then, make sure that your data cable is able to connect or even authorize with your PC. Moreover, if your cable is already connected with your PC, you just can go to the next step. The next step is related to your IPhone’s set up. You can run the iTunes program from your computer and then let it finishes, until it is done you can manage your IPhone as your wanted.

Emergency Call Feature

The one that is able to help you to use IPhone 6 without SIM Card inside the SIM slot is by utilizing the emergency call feature. So, there are several ways that you can do in order to pass the activation process without card on your IPhone, especially that best for all types of the phone. The first one is to turn on your IPhone. You can start to hold down the power button and wait until it boots up. In addition, there will stuck at some moments, so just wait for a few seconds. This thing is happened since there is no SIM Card in the SIM slot of the phone. Besides, to go to the next step you have to tap and push the Home button of your IPhone, particularly when the screen of the phone is on. There will be appear the phone call display and you have to try to make an emergency call; such as to 911 or even 112. Then, immediately hang up the call using the red button. Therefore, use the power button again and the home screen of your phone will show up.

How to Activate My IPhone 6 without SIM Card with Easy Methods
How to Activate My IPhone 6 without SIM Card with Easy Methods
How to Activate My IPhone 6 without SIM Card
How to Activate My IPhone 6 without SIM Card


Jailbreak You IPhone!

The last suggestion that you can do to utilize the IPhone 6 without insert the SIM Card is to jailbreak your IPhone. You can start with backup your iOS device, and make sure that you already disable the passcode of your IPhone. Furthermore, you can enable airplane mode in your IPhone by swiping up your screen and tap it. After it is done, you can download some software related to do the jailbreak from the PC and plug your device. If it is done, you can restart your IPhone.

Briefly, those three are the best ways that you can implement. Nevertheless, make sure that the last point is best for you if you are cannot operate all of those previous ways. So, just go and try!

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