How to Activate Verizon iPhone for the Used iPhones

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How to activate Verizon iPhone; this is a common question asked by many people. There are many reasons if someone needs to know about it. For those who already switch to iPhone, especially the used iPhone, you may need to know about how the activation is through the Verizon number. Fortunately, the process of activation is always easy from time to time. When you have learnt and understood about it well, then you can do the activation steps in just a few minutes. Follow the steps below for those who need to activate a used iPhone with Verizon number.

Make a Back Up for Your Contacts

Before the used iPhone is activated, be sure that you have backed up all contacts as well as voicemail accounts. By having the data backup, it will not be a big problem when the data is lost after you set them to the original condition. The iPhone smartphones always enable the users to use iCloud or iTunes to make backups. Meanwhile, for those who use Android smartphones, you can learn about the backup solutions through the operating system’s instructions.

Get Ready with Your Account Information

Before the activation, you should prepare the phone number as well as account security code to submit whenever they are asked.

Dial the Line of Verizon Activation

This step can be done through the Phone app in your iPhone. Dial the activation line on *228 and then touch SEND. To start the process of activation, you can select Option 1 that can be seen on the menu. The iPhone will be activated after you have entered the phone number and also account code that are requested. Once you have done with the activation call, it will take only some minutes for the activation.


How to Activate Verizon iPhone for the Used iPhones
How to Activate Verizon iPhone for the Used iPhones
How to Activate Verizon iPhone
How to Activate Verizon iPhone

Manual Activation

How to activate Verizon iPhone can also be done manually. The iPhone activation can be done online via the website of My Verizon. By using your account in My Verizon, you can log into the website and then choose Activate Device on the menu of Devices.

  • Make sure you know the number of ESN/MEID of your iPhone. Find the number by accessing Settings, tap general, and then tap About. Scroll down and then you can find the number in the menu.
  • Confirm the plan features in the process of online activation of your iPhone. Tap Submit when you have finished.
  • Call the number *228 from your phone and then press 1. The activation will only take some minutes.

Contacts and Voicemail Restoration

When you have activated your iPhone, use the iCloud or iTunes to restore the contacts if the previous phone is iPhone too. Otherwise, you also can do the restoration from other places where you backup the contacts. Meanwhile, you can setup your Voicemail by tapping the Phone app on your iPhone. Select Voicemail and then you can follow the guidance to configure the voicemail.

Therefore, you have known the easy steps about How to activate Verizon iPhone for the used iPhone.

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