How to Activate Your New IPhone through WiFi or cellular Connection

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How to activate your new iPhone. It may be the most important trick you need now after you get the new iPhone in your hand. Once you have activated the iPhone, then you can begin enjoying the new technology inside the phone and use all apps installed. Commonly, the phone store where you buy the new iPhone will activate the phone directly after you purchase it. However, if you buy the iPhone online, it means that you need to activate the phone by yourself. One of the most practical ways to activate iPhone is through the ITunes. You can also do it both by using cellular network and wireless internet connection. Follow the steps below to activate your iPhone through the Cellular Internet Connection or WiFi.

Insert a SIM Card into the iPhone

Before activating the iPhone, make sure that the SIM card is inserted into the phone. But you don’t need to insert the card anymore if you buy the phone from a carrier, because the SIM card has been available inside the phone.

  • Find the tray of the SIM card inside the phone. In the new models of iPhone, the tray is commonly situated in the right side. Meanwhile, in the 3Gs and original models of iPhone, the SIM tray is placed on the top.
  • Use a paper clip or a SIM removal tool to remove the SIM tray. Pick through the small hole of the SIM tray.
  • Insert the SIM card on the SIM tray, make sure the gold contacts face to the down. Insert the SIM tray back to the phone.

Turn On the iPhone

After you have the SIM card inserted to the phone, start the process of the setting up before you do the steps of How to activate your new iPhone. You will see the instructions to choose the language and your region.   

Choose the Internet Connection

To choose the internet connection, you can select Use Cellular Connection or use the Wifi Network. If you use the Wifi network, you may need to enter the username and password to activate the connection. Meanwhile, you will use the cellular connection if you choose Use Cellular Connection for the iPhone activation. Make sure you are in the service range before you start the activation. On the other hand, you should use iTunes to activate the iPhone if you only find one option Connect to iTunes for the activation.


How to Activate Your New IPhone through WiFi or cellular Connection
How to Activate Your New IPhone through WiFi or cellular Connection
How to Activate Your New IPhone
How to Activate Your New IPhone

Wait for the Activation Process of the iPhone

As the phone has been connected to the internet network, the iPhone will soon contact the servers to confirm the activation initializing. You don’t need to wait very long because the process will only take some minutes for the success activation.

Once the IPhone Activated

When the iPhone activation has been done, then you need to proceed the whole process of the phone setup. You will see the screen that shows the Location Services. The whole process of the setting up will become a guidance to configure the iPhone, such as the signing in process by using the Apple ID. Now you have known about How to activate your new iPhone, then start to activate it easily by yourself.

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