iMessage Problems and Solutions on iPhone iPad iOS 10

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We have seen a significant number of iPhone or iPad users have bothered with iMessage problems after the iOS 10 update: iMessage can not send iMessage waiting for activation, the app still crash message, iMessage does not work after the iOS 10 update, etc.

  • Method 1. Make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G.
  • Method 2. Try disabling the iMessages service, and then turn it on.
  • Method 3. Make sure that the date and time are set correctly.
  • Method 4. Activate the Airplane mode and turn it off.

Top 4 iMessage Problems and Solutions on iPhone iPad iOS 10

iMessage on your iPhone iPad does not work after the iOS 10 update? Or can not receive and send messages? Do not worry, here you will find the solutions.

Every year, the new operating system comes with a set of important novelties. However, the new update often brings new problems, and one of the most common update problems is the iMessage and Messages on iOS 10 device.

This article gathers the possible messages and iMessage issues that you may encounter after the iOS 10 update, and we also provide you with standard solutions. If you hesitate to install the new update, read this guide Is it necessary to update to iOS 10.

1. Unable to Receive and Send iMessage / Messages

Many users complain that they can not send and receive iMesaages and SMS after the iOS update. In this case, we offer you five possible solutions:

  • Restart your iPhone and try to send messages again with the mobile network. Also, make sure you are in a location with a good reception of the mobile network.
  • Check if the space on your iPhone is available. Insufficient memory prevents you from receiving iMessages / SMS.
  • Turn off LTE or use it for cellular data only.
  • Reset network settings: Settings> General> Reset> Reset network settings.
  • If the above methods do not work, you can call the mobile provider.


Messages - iMessage Problems and Solutions on iPhone iPad iOS 10
Messages – iMessage Problems and Solutions on iPhone iPad iOS 10
Messages - iMessage Problems and Solutions
Messages – iMessage Problems and Solutions

2. App Crash Messages After iOS 10 Update

Many iPhone users have encountered this issue during the previous iOS update, and it is also possible on your iOS 10 devices. If someone sends you a message but the Messages application still hangs, try the fixes below:

  • Try disabling the iMessage service and reactivating it: Settings> Messages> Disable iMessage and re-enable.
  • Check the network settings and try again.
  • Check the time zone and region on your iPhone iPad. The wrong country choice and the time zone deny use iMessage.
  • Use Siri to send a message to the person who just sent a message to you.
  • Reset your iDevice.

3. iMessage Waiting for Activation

After the iOS 10 update, you may receive an iMessage message waiting for activation on your iPhone iPad, and you are unable to activate iMessage after trying again and again. Here are the solutions:

  • Make sure the date and time that the time zone is set correctly: Settings> General> Date & Time> Enable Auto Setup.
  • Make sure you have connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data.
  • Disable and restart iMessage and FaceTime.
  • Activate the Airplane mode and close it.
  • If the problem is not resolved after 24 hours, contact your service provider to verify that there are no restrictions on receiving SMS messages and contact Apple Support.

4. iMessage Does Not Work After the Update

It is one of the frequent problems iMessage after iOS update. If you want to establish a connection, it often displays the error message “Connection not possible.” In this case, try the following methods:

  • Go to Settings> Messages> Turn off the iMessage option and wait a moment. Then, activate the function.
  • Check if the Internet connection is available, the Wi-Fi connection or the mobile connection.
  • Check if the e-mail address and Apple ID are correct.


If you encounter other problems on iMessage, leave them in the comments section. We will find the answer for that. If you want to transfer messages directly between two iPhone or iPhone to a computer as a backup, you can try AnyTrans to do it easily.

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