Problems with iOS 10 / 10.1 / 10.2 – Software Update Failed

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With the best experience of the previous iOS update, there will be millions of people trying to download iOS 10 once this version has been released to the public. Apple’s servers can not properly handle this traffic, so many users may see an “Update failed” error or “A problem occurred while downloading the software.”

  • Method 1. Press Close and try to update again.
  • Method 2. Wait a few hours or even several days and then download iOS 10 again.
  • Method 3. Try to update via iTunes on the computer.
  • Method 4. Try an update with the IPSW file.

How to Fix the Failed software update iOS 10

It is very likely that you may encounter a software update error when downloading iOS 10. Read on to learn how to avoid or solve this problem.

In recent days, many Apple users rush to download iOS 10 on their iOS devices. However, when they update their iPhone iPad iPod touch to iOS 10, some are disappointed by the failure of the software update, they may see an error message “The upgrade was not successful” or “A problem while downloading the software.”

1. Why Sometimes the Failure of the Software Update

Probably, authentication servers and install Apple fail to take so many requests downloading simultaneously. That is, many users are trying to make software update iOS 10 simultaneously. In fact, he got the same error in the updated iOS 9.

2. How to Fix the Failed Software Update

Note: Before further testing, make sure the proper network connection on your iOS devices first.


IOS 10 Problems - Software Update Failed
IOS 10 Problems – Software Update Failed
Problems with iOS 10 - 10.1 - 10.2 - Software Update Failed
Problems with iOS 10 – 10.1 – 10.2 – Software Update Failed

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Solution 1: Close the Window and Try Again

If you see the popup windows “The update failed,” you’ll see two options: “Close” and “Settings.” Press the “Close” button to exit the error message, and wait a few minutes and press “Download and Install” again.

Solution 2: Wait a Few Hours

Too many users are trying to set Software Update to iOS 10 simultaneously, which would produce the failure of the software update. To avoid this error, you can upgrade the software later. Meanwhile, there are many things to do: save your iDevice or free up enough storage space.

Solution 3: Updating to iOS via iTunes 10

You can perform an upgrade of your device with iTunes instead of run it directly on the instrument. Moreover, updating the device to iTunes, it can reduce the burden of installation Apple servers so that the error is corrected.

Solution 4: Update IPSW file

This method is for advanced users who are familiar with the firmware files and want to update to iOS with 10 IPSW files manually. This option may be the best way to avoid error message “Software Update failed.” Before doing this, consider fully back up your iPhone.

  • Download the IPSW file.
  • Open iTunes and connect your iPhone to the computer.
  • On the Summary option, you should see the button “Restore iPhone.”
  • Hold down the Shift key and click Restore iPhone
  • Select the downloaded IPSW file.
  • Restoring iTunes will install iOS 10 on your iDevice.
  • Then restore from the backup you just created to retrieve all the data back.


Here’s how to fix the error of the software update to iOS 10. If you have other practical solutions, share your opinion with us in the comments below. Risks and various bugs always accompany the new iOS update, so we will prepare some quick fixes to solve a common problem on iOS 10.

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