There Is No SIM Card Installed In The iPhone You Are Attempting To Activate: Use These Method

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If there is no SIM card installed in the iphone you are attempting to activate, then you do not need to worry because there are many ways to activate iphone. Iphone is the biggest gadget so you do not have to worry about the sophistication and the security of the phone. These phones do not have security problems because Apple is a company with high integrity. The company is creating sophisticated and secure mobile phones. There are weaknesses that are owned by the iPhone. This phone requires a sim card to be used by consumers. You cannot activate the phone without a sim card installed on the phone.

Iphone aims to be a mobile phone so as to enable the first iPhone you must have a sim card. If you do not have a sim card, then you can try the ways below. The first time you turn on the phone, you might get a prize of sim card is in the slot sim. If there is no sim card, then the iphone will be stuck on a particular screen. There is a trick that could cut the iphone to the home screen and navigated or internet media device. This method may not always work on all iPhone, but you can still try this way.

Unlock iPhone

You have to turn on the iPhone by pressing the power button until the screen turns on. If the boot iPhone already been done and the screen displays the message no sim card installed, then you can take the second step. Press the home button when the screen lights up. This method will not direct to the home screen, but direct you to an emergency call. Press the number that you know and immediately close the call using the red button. You have to press the power button to the right in order to display the clouds appear and do not get stuck on a white screen.


There Is No SIM Card Installed In The iPhone You Are Attempting To Activate Use These Method
There Is No SIM Card Installed In The iPhone You Are Attempting To Activate Use These Method
There Is No SIM Card Installed In The iPhone
There Is No SIM Card Installed In The iPhone

Using X-SIM or R-SIM

You can use the X-SIM to activate iPhone. The first step is to enter sim card using your mobile phone. You can put IMSI code or choose a provider from a list that has been provided. You will need to confirm. Restart your iPhone. iPhone will seek out and activate it to finish. If you do this process, then you are able to use your mobile phone without installing the original sim card. If you are not interested in using R-SIM or X-SIM, then you can do the next method.

Using iTunes

This application offers a way to activate the phone without using a sim card to iPhone users. You can look at the interface of this software without installing a SIM card. Download this app from the official website on the Apple site. We recommend that you use the latest version of iTunes. Apple always does the updates at a certain time. This is the wisest idea because this method is officially released by Apple. You have to prepare the lightning cable and connect the cable directly to the computer. If your phone has been detected by the iPhone, then you can use the application interface to perform the next step in the computer. Follow the steps to activate your iPhone.

You must remember that the method could work for only a few operators and you may be asked to provide the last 4 digits of SSN, Zip code, and telephone number to activate the iPhone.

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