Tips And Trick For IPhone 6: Fast And Simple Activate IPhone 6 Without SIM

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So, did you buy the new iPhone 6 or 6 plus? Well congratulation! Now, in this article you will get many cool and amazing tips and trick for your new phone including fast and simple way to activate iPhone 6 without SIM card. These tips and tricks below work even for the latest iOS 8 system. So, these tips can work too for older version of iPhone like iPhone 5C or 5S and also it supports all phone models. These tips are 100% safe and no jailbreak needed.

Your new iPhone 6 are packed with a lot of juicy and great features. So, by knowing these following tips you can use your mobile phone maximally in more convenient way. Some of those 100% guarantee tips are including:

  • Setting up control or timer to manage time spent using app on iPhone 6
  • Setting up LED Flash for new notifications
  • Locking apps and restrict access to apps
  • Reading what is on iPhone 6’s screen
  • Activating iPhone 6 without SIM card

So, let’s begin to see these cool and useful no. 1 activate tips and tricks for you!

  1. Setting up parental control or timer to manage time spent using app on iPhone 6

Are your kids a games lover? They must spend too much time playing and trying games on your phone. And when they are a social media freak, they will also check Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and others frequently. In this first tips, you can set up a parental control. You can also use timed usage control. By doing this, you will have restriction for your kids and even yourself to set a time limit to play games and other activities. When the time is expired, the apps chosen will not respond or run anymore until the fingerprint or passcode is entered correctly.

Activate IPhone 6 without SIM
Activate IPhone 6 without SIM

How to do it?

  • Go to Settings and then General, Accessibility and choose Guided Access
  • You can set the time limit you want for the apps that you use
  • Enable the Guided Access mode whenever you are ready with the timer to begin
  1. Setting up LED Flash for new notifications

We think that this is one of the tips many people wait for. By setting up your LED flash, you can be more aware if there are any new notifications in your iPhone 6.

How to do it?

  • Go to Setting and then General, Accessibility and then toggle LED Flash for Alerts
  1. Locking apps and restrict access to apps

This trick can be come in handy especially for those who have small children. By doing this tips you can protect your valuable data. You may not realize when your daughter borrows your iPhone 6 to play games and then she deleted your important files accidentally. In the new iOS 8, there is a new feature in the Accessibility and Guided Access, now you can lock your iPad and iPhone with a single app as long as you enable the guided access.

How to lock apps on your new iPhone 6 with Guided Access?

  • You should launch the Setting app in your phone or iPad
  • You should tap the General
  • Then tap on the Accessibility
  • After that tap the Guided Access. You can find it under the Learning section
  • You should toggle on to the Guided Access
  • Tap Set Passcode
  • Choose a passcode that can be remembered only by you
  • The last, toggle on the Accessibility Shortcut. After doing this you can click Home button three times so you are able to go to Guided Access. But you should complete the steps above.

How to use Guided Access?

  • You should choose and launch the app that you want and all users have access to it too
  • Click the Home button three times in order to launch Guided Access
  • You can circle any areas on the screen that you don’t want to be accessible
  • Tap Options that you can find in the bottom left. In here you can choose whether you want to grant the access to the Wake/Sleep button, motion, touch screen and volume button.
  • Tap Done after you finish selecting
  • Tap Start that you can find at the top of the screen in order to start Guided Access
Fast and Simple Activate IPhone 6 without SIM
Fast and Simple Activate IPhone 6 without SIM

This feature is very useful for any parents in many ways. But of course, this feature is not only useful for parents but also for teachers as well. For teacher you can control the device’s usage of your students. This feature also can be very beneficial for someone in a business who wishes to lock an iPad or iPhone in a simple and single app including Square payments. It can also protect your phone from someone who wants to check your mobile phone.

  1. Reading what is on iPhone 6’s screen

In the past, having Siri to read any text on your iPhone 6 screen was a very great idea. But in the new iOS 8, there are many useful and improved features for the users. When you enable the Speak Screen, the user can swipe the screen from the top to the bottom with two fingers. And then Siri will start reading your texts found in there.

How to do it?

  • Go to Setting, General, Accessibility and then Speech, Toggle the Speak Screen
  1. Activating iPhone 6 without SIM card

When it is the first time to turn on your iPhone 6, there must be a SIM card to be inserted inside the SIM slot. Without it, it is nearly impossible to activate your phone. But, there comes a day when many people found a trick that can make impossible to be possible. Yes, actually you can activate your iPhone 6 without SIM card. This method can be a permanent activate for all networks and factory carrier activate. You can follow this simple step-by-step activate instructions.

Tips and Trick for iPhone 6 Fast and Simple Activate IPhone 6 without SIM
Tips and Trick for iPhone 6 Fast and Simple Activate IPhone 6 without SIM

How to permanently activate your iPhone 6?

  • Hold your power button in order to turn on your iPhone 6 until it takes you to the display screen
  • The second step begins when your mobile phone boots up and then stuck since there is no SIM card in it
  • Then, tap the Home button when your mobile phone is on
  • Since your iPhone isn’t activated, you won’t be taken to the Home but there is Emergency call option that you can use
  • You can dial numbers like 112 and make a call from it
  • Hang up the call by using the red button until you can see your home screen on

Do you think these tips and tricks help you? Don’t forget that you can always watch the tutorial with lifetime support or 24/7 support until you can do it successfully. There are many sources to lead you using your iPhone 6 in a better way without having so many rules and restriction from Apple.

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